Heat transfer, Heating plate


The greatest innovation and environmentally friendly technology

Kiitra leading the heat transfer machine market

Kyung-il Tech Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the heat transfer machines. Committed to the continued development of product technologies, such as accurate color implementation and electricity saving functions, it has made inroads into the various countries where its technologies have been recognized.
Kiitra, the unified brand of newly developed heat transfer machines, means that Kyung-il Tech Co., Ltd. of Korea is committed to developing innovative heat transfer machines, with its consecutive arrow motif expressing the company‘s advancement into markets with sophisticated technology.
It is developed so that it suggests the image of Kyung-il Tech making endless advancement and achieving ever-higher customer satisfaction with its excellent quality, showing that Kiitra is one of the top world-class technologies.



It uses consecutive arrows as a motif to capture the image of advancement. It is developed to express the infinite advancement of Kyung-il Tec Co., Ltd. and suggest the image of boomerang which means that its excellent quality returns as high customer satisfaction.
The brand mark being the most important element of the Kiiitra Brand Identity system, thoroughly management and control in its usage is required to form a consistent image of the brand. Therefore, it should be used correctly according to the itemized regulations as shown in the examples.


In principle, the grid system shall allow enlargement or reduction of the data recorded in the manual in direct proportion only in order to maintain a consistent image of the brand mark and shall not allow arbitrary change of the shape or the national flag proportion, etc. However, in case of large sizes that cannot be output by the computer, care must be taken in applying the grid system presented in this section so as to prevent production of confusing images.

Minimum usage rule

It may not be used in cases where the symbol mark is less than 20 mm because the identifiability of the symbol mark may be deteriorated or the image may become confusing.



Signature is the most ideal combination of the brand mark and it is developed to be used systematically and effectively for each function and purpose. The signature is the formal notation and is the most direct means of making Kiitra recognized externally. In order to prevent any change in use, the proportions of the symbols and logo types set out in this section should be respected and its enlargement or reduction shall be in direct proportion at all times.