Heat transfer, Heating plate

K2-35-320 type

  • · The temperature can be co ntrolled precisely and easily with digital type multi-temp. controller.
  • · It efficiently combined working way of roll to roll.
  • · Operation is convenience by unwinding attachment and rewinding attachment.
  • · Speed was increased about 30% than previous model, because felt’s contacted area was increased.
  • · Special motor is being adopted to get strong torque at low speed.
  • · Actualworking length is indicated with digital on panel.
  • · Oil drum diameter 350mm
  • · Option : Rewinder system is automatic moving.
Oil type
Lower type
Drum dia

Product specifications

K2-35-320 type Please check the specifications of the two products.
Drum Dia 350mm
Felt Width (Working Width) 3,400mm(3,200mm)
High Temperature 230˚C
Max Current 45A (Ø3 - 380V)
Electric Power 25KW
Machine Size (㎜) W4,270 x L1,640 x H1,790
Weight 2,500 kg
Temperature Sensor Inner thermometer
Temperature Controller Digital Type
Distance Measurement 0
LCD Display (PLC) 0